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How to install ssh on a Windows 2000/XP g

How to install a ssh client (called ssh, from OpenSSH)

(1) Make a folder c:\cygwin

(2) Download cygwin's setup.exe from http://www.cygwin.com/ and store setup.exe in folder c:\cygwin
Double click g c:\cygwin\setup.exe

When a selection screen comes up, click the little View button for Full view g,
find the line "OpenSSH", click on the word "skip" so that a check mark gappears in the box (in Column B)

Click g to start installing cygwin and ssh.
Size of the cygwin system is about 40 Meg, this may take a while if you have a slow connection.

How to install a ssh server (called sshd)

Click here on how to setup a ssh server on Windows 2000 or Windows XP g


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